Investorinformation på engelsk

Floragora IVS, launched af IVS  in Denmark as the first proof-of-concept market, is being developed as rapidly as possible.

The name Floragora is a mix of the two words ‘flora’ and ‘agora’. Flora is everything growing and agora is a well-known word for a market and meeting place in ancient Greece. Floragora is exactly that; a meeting and market place with a focus on garden flora.

Floragora is based on a truly scalable platform business model with international scope and with multiple possible revenue streams, such as subscriber fees, advertising and affiliate marketing for larger online flower nursery webshops.

The scalability stems from the fact that the flowers that people use for their gardens are to a large extent the same across many countries; so the site can be localized across multiple markets.

As of now, Floragora is not actively seeking investors; however, interested investors are welcome to contact us.

You can either just indicate, that you would like to be contacted, if Floragora will issue new shares to investors or if you would like to discuss a more specific investment proposal. However, we only respond to the extent that the inquiry discloses the identity of the person or entity behind the inquiry.